About Me

Hey there! I’m software engineer, people also know me as a web architect. By day I work for Barnes & Nobles/NOOK at Folio3, code some of my ongoing stuff at home and have fun with friends. I also write about programming and web related things whenever I find the time (not very often), helping people in learning programing, learning photography and over past 3+ years I’m giving contribution to Open Source and stackoverflow community. Take a look at what I’m currently up to.

  • For more than 5 years I’ve been developing applications for internet, knowledge of recent trends in web dynamic scripting and predominantly working with high traffic web, large data volume applications and web apps for smart devices.
  • Professionally working on PHP5 and being multi-lingual including C++, Python, node.js, C#, ASP.Net, AS3, JavaScript and wide variety of web specific skill sets including HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, jQuery, REST, Oauth& Web Services (SOAP, JSON, clients & services).
  • Specialize in showing creativity not only in UI but from development as well, along with good problem solving skills. This includes solving complex problems, designing application architectures and coding new patterns.
  • Good knowledge of UML, SDLC, recent design patterns, frameworks, software models and complete development of a dynamic website/ mobile web app from scratch to end.
  • Being author of Turbo PHP(Framework for PHP), Trendstagram, Web Handle, Open CRM, Best Buy SDK for PHP.
  • Worked for great local/international companies including Machinima, Barnes & Nobles, Nook, Proximate Global Inc, Creative Chaos LLC, Plus! Games, Inka Technology UK, Hunter Lodge, Social Lightning and more.
  • Occasionally putting up small projects on my GitHub account and write about programming and web related things on my blog.
New Interests: Cassandra, Hadoop, iOS, node.js, MongoDB, IAAS, Google Glasses

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